Updating a dataview

and as u iterate one more time in ur dataview within the for loop, it skips always one row. We solved the problem by not updating the row index in the for loop, please see the code below: ============ Data View my Data View = new Data View(my Data Set.Tables["Parse"],"","External_Course_Key", Data View Row State. Current Rows); Data Row View[] my Data Row View = my Data View. NET 2.0 Data View, when we specify a Sort or filter expression for it and then modify the Data View's certain Data Row View record's Sorted field, the Data View collection will automatically resort or re-filter the Data Row View collection so as to make it still conform to the Sort or filter expression.By default, Data View uses the to get the data array back.

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For example, if you make Data View group data, it makes the grid think that the "group" rows are just regular data items, so the grid doesn't need to be aware of them.

These methods are exposed by the Data View as part of the data provider interface: One of the most common questions about Data View is how to synchronize the selection or cell CSS styles state on Data View changes. If they then change the filter on the Data View to hide some items, the grid gets a call to invalidate all changed rows, including the selected one, but it doesn't know that the item that was displayed there has moved somewhere else.

What we need to do, is to store the ids of items that were selected, and to update the selection on the grid any time the Data View is modified.

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Using the following code below, I need to update a field in certain Data Rows that are specified using search criteria within a Data View.

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