States mandating autism insurance coverage

The two new laws mimic model legislation from Autism Speaks, one of the largest advocacy organizations.The key service mandated in both states is applied behavior analysis (ABA).

The increases in care and associated spending were concentrated among children with ASDs who were younger than 12, and were highest among ASD children age five and under.Investigators said 46 states have passed laws requiring ASD coverage of autism by private health insurers. Currently about 1.5 percent of children born in the U. every year are diagnosed with an ASD, typically in early childhood.The study found that children in states that required ASD coverage were more likely to receive treatment.“The hope of patient advocates and policymakers was that these insurer mandates would increase care for children with autism, and they seem to have done that — in fact, the impact was even larger than we had expected,” said Colleen L. There is no known treatment that prevents or reverses ASD, but early diagnosis and intervention are considered critical in mitigating ASD symptoms.Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in.It should also be noted that while there are currently some sort of autism benefit mandates on the books in 41 states and DC, that number has increased by seven states since early 2014.

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