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The surgeon had collected a wide array of objects related to his interests in the fields of geology, biology and social history and he wanted to share these with the local people.

I hope the boys gained an understanding of the courage and character shown by our visitors when, as young men, they faced very difficult situations.” Haslemere Educational Museum Haslemere Museum was founded in 1888 by Sir Jonathan Hutchinson in the grounds of his home at Inval in the town.

Matthay used the house as a place to teach his pupils whilst Professor of Advanced Piano for the Royal Academy of Music. One of his pupils wrote a piano piece titled in 1933.

The house has its major rooms with dominant south facing vistas and he designed the rooms so that they met at obtuse angles to soften the interior shadows.

The museum has extensive grounds containing several unusual trees including a gingko tree.

The facade is little changed from its original appearance in Georgian times.

"Suddenly I saw tracer bullets in my direction of flight, and in the same moment my cockpit was full of flames. I was falling fast and nearly all my clothing had been burnt off me.

The account of his ordeal is one of many in the book. "When the parachute opened I thought I would be torn to pieces.

The parachute opened with a jerk and my boots came off. The collections were moved to Museum Hill in 1895 before being relocated to their current site at 78 High Street in 1926. The venture became so successful that Hutchinson launched a series of lectures that still continue to this day. The building, which consisted of a bungalow-style structure with the semaphore standing high above the operations room, was sold in 1849 after the line closed. Pupils at Haslemere Preparatory School had the chance to meet (October 2011) the war veterans from the Second World War. The Admiralty Telegraph was erected in 1821 as part of the 'semaphore line' linking London to Portsmouth.

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