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During various eras and within various societies, marriage has generally permitted opposite-sex adult couples of the same religion, culture, and race to marry. The husband is to love his wives and have authority over them.But it has often prohibited couples from marrying who are: Same-sex couples were not permitted to marry anywhere in the U. until the Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts ordered the state to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples starting on 2004-MAY-17. The wives are expected to submit to their husband's instructions.There are also non-Mormon polygamous Christian sects and families who call themselves "Christian polygamists." Egalitarian structure: These are typically formed by followers of mainline or liberal Christian denominations, Wiccans, other Neopagans, or secularists.They believe that men and women should be free to enter plural marriages of any type: polygynous, polyandrous, or group marriage, where they are free to negotiate their individual roles and responsibilities.However, he must meet a strict requirement: he must treat all wives equally.Upon immigrating to North America or Europe his family structure comes in conflict with national laws.The freedom of religion clauses in the Charter of Rights and Freedom -- Canada's constitution -- are viewed as permitting polygamous relationships if they are religiously-based.A hearing began in 2010-NOV at the British Columbia Supreme Court in which the court will assess the constitutionality of Canada's anti-polygamy law which was written in the late 19th century to oppress Mormon immigrants from the U. In 2011-NOV, the Court ruled that the federal law that prohibits bigamy and polygamy law does restrict freedom of religious belief and association.

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There are many allegations of sexual abuse, trafficing of teenage girls, expelling of male teenagers from the community, welfare fraud, forced marriages of young women to much older men, etc associated with fundamentalist Mormon faith groups.The Court concluded that their practices could continue without government interference as long as they did not conduct ceremonies similar to marriages.The case may be appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada for a final decision.The number of registered members has increased from 350 to more than 1,000 (700 with a profile picture), most of them from the US, with a few hundr...In 1890 the church banned the polygamy for which it used to be notorious.

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