Pokemon black and white dating

Instead of seeing the Pokémon in the world around you, you'll get a generic computer-generated background instead.It keeps the Pokémon stilll, regardless of the turns and movements you make in real life.Digital Spy's Gaming Ed, Sam Loveridge, explains all you need to know about There's no point hoarding a load of the same Pokémon.If you want to level up or evolve your Pokémon faster, you should trade any duplicates you have back to Professor Willow.You wouldn't do it for your local corner shop, but you might for Trafalgar Square in London, the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal – just for the bragging rights, right?Well PokéStops, those blue triangular markers on the map, work in a similar way.You can have your phone's screen locked or be doing anything else on your phone, but still log those precious kms. Only available from the Nintendo Official Store, you can order one now, but shipping isn't started until October.Checking in at PokéStops is a bit like tagging yourself on Facebook at various locations.

Related: Your biggest Pokémon Go Plus questions answered Well, the brand new Pokémon Go Plus peripheral is here to alleviate some of those grievances as it tracks your steps as long as it's tethered to your phone via Bluetooth and is open somewhere.

So if you play at various times during the day, you'll discover that even in the same area you can get different types of Pokémon appearing..

You can either do it as soon as you catch your new Pokémon, or just go into the Pokémon section of the menu and edit your pocket monsters' names there.

For every Pokémon you catch you'll be gifted three or so of that Pokémon's particular flavour of candy.

For example, you get three Pidgey candies per Pidgey, and another if you trade your Pidgey in to Professor Willow.

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