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They were not big portions by any means but a nice quick fresh meal for under .00. The turkey and capicolla had fresh quality meats including a nice spicy capicolla, topped with some lettuce and cheese.

The ham and cheese on wheatberry bread was delicious, in fact my wife Martha made me go out and get her one a few days later.

Baked goods are not something I would seek out at 7-11, until now that is.

The baked items at 7-11 are fresh, donut shop fresh (remember I am a cop and we know donuts and baked goods).

The folks at 7-11 decided to try and make a cheeseburger in the shape of a hot dog, roll it around on the rollers and tell people it was good.

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They both had nice flavorful tortillas and were filled with cheese and meats with a flavorful sauce and crisp lettuce.

I am a food columnist for the Daily Breeze newspaper in Los Angeles California.

I write a column called the Culinary Detective, because, well, I am also a Police Detective and everybody knows that cops always know the best places to eat!

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Open 24 hrs I know you have done it, we all have, admit it you have stood inside a 7-11 at one time or another and looked at the food thinking, that looks pretty good doesn’t it.

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