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xib file and containing outlets of the labels in question.This is to show that the labels are propperly hooked up as IBOutlets Here is the relevant code.Index: =================================================================== RCS file: /cvsroot/aquaterm/aquaterm/English.lproj/help.html,v retrieving revision 1.1 retrieving revision 1.2 diff -u -d -r1.1 -r1.2 --- -0000 1.1 -0000 1.2 @@ -29,7 29,7 @@ Download Update of /cvsroot/aquaterm/adapters/c In directory usw-pr-cvs1:/tmp/cvs-serv12767/c Added Files: c2aqt.h c2aqt.m test.c Log Message: Adding a C example based on a generic adapter. This is a first step towards a unified adapter strategy.--- NEW FILE: c2aqt.h --- void aqt Init(void); // --- void aqt Open Graph(int n); void aqt Close Graph(void); void aqt Render Graph(void); void aqt Set Title(char *title); // --- void aqt Use Color(int col); void aqt Set Colormap Entry(int col, float r, float g, float b); // --- void aqt Use Linewidth(float width); void aqt Add Line(float x1, float y1, float x2, float y2); void aqt Add Polygon(float *x, float *y, int n, int is Filled); void aqt Add Circle(float x, float y, float radius, int is Filled); // --- void aqt Use Font(char *fontname, float size); void aqt Use Text Orientation(int orient); void aqt Use Text Justification(int just); void aqt Add Text(float x, float y, const char *str); // --- void aqt Add Image From File(char *filename, float x, float y, float w, float h); // --- void aqt Get Size(float *x_max, float *y_max); --- NEW FILE: c2aqt.m --- #import #import "AQTProtocol.h" #include "c2aqt.h" // // static NSAutorelease Pool *arpool; // Objective-C autorelease pool static id adapter; // Adapter object // // ---------------------------------------------------------------- // --- Objective-C Adapter for Aqua Term // ---------------------------------------------------------------- // // First we need some Cocoa magic incantations, documented at: // And Concepts/Programming Topics/Distr Objects/ // Look under "Making Substitutions During Message Encoding" // // The class NSBezier Path doesn't implement replacement Object For Port Coder so // we add that behaviour as a category for NSBezier Path // @interface NSBezier Path (NSBezier Path DOCategory) -(id)replacement Object For Port Coder:(NSPort Coder *)port Coder; @end @implementation NSBezier Path (NSBezier Path DOCategory) -(id)replacement Object For Port Coder:(NSPort Coder *)port Coder @end // // ---------------------------------------------------------------- // --- AQTAdapter - A class to mediate between C-function calls // --- and Aqua Term Objective-C remote messages // ---------------------------------------------------------------- // @interface AQTAdapter : NSObject -(id)aqt Connection; -(NSMutable Dictionary *)term Info; -(BOOL)connect To Aqua Term; -(void)update Info From Server; // // Obj-C methods implementing the functionality defined in C_API.h // -(void)open Graph:(int)n; -(void)close Graph; -(void)render; -(void)set Title:(NSString *)title; -(void)set Color:(NSColor *)color for Index:(int)index; -(void)use Color:(int)index; -(void)use Linewidth:(float)width; -(void)append Path:(NSBezier Path *)path; -(void)append Filled Path:(NSBezier Path *)path; -(void)set Font With Name:(NSString *)name size:(float)size; -(void)use Orientation:(int)orient; -(void)use Justification:(int)just; -(void)line From Point:(NSPoint)startpoint to Point:(NSPoint)endpoint; -(void)put Text:(NSString *)str at:(NSPoint)point; -(void)add Image From File:(NSString *)filename bounds:(NSRect)bounds; // -(void)flush Buffers; @end @implementation AQTAdapter -(id)init -(void)dealloc -(id)aqt Connection -(NSMutable Dictionary *)term Info -(BOOL)connect To Aqua Term -(void) update Info From Server // // Adapter methods, this is where the translation takes place!This is what is called in App Delegate so you know where to start reading in the code: -(void)application Did Finish Launching:(NSNotification *)a Notification{ Ramdisk Size *caller =

If you still wan't to use Aqua Term as a stand-alone application, check the (outdated) Adapter Example in the CVS module "adapters", look in the "Attic" folder. Update of /cvsroot/aquaterm/aquaterm In directory usw-pr-cvs1:/tmp/cvs-serv10088 Modified Files: Read Log Message: Update for 0.3.0 release Index: Read =================================================================== RCS file: /cvsroot/aquaterm/aquaterm/Read Me.txt,v retrieving revision 1.1 retrieving revision 1.2 diff -u -d -r1.1 -r1.2 --- Read -0000 1.1 Read -0000 1.2 @@ -1,8 1,11 @@ Aqua Term 0.3.0 ***** IMPORTANT ***** This is an early release for testing purposes. If you previously added Aqua Term support to gnuplot you will have to update the gnuplot driver ********************* -How to use Aqua Term: * How to use Aqua Term: Aqua Term is a graphics terminal that can be used to easily add aqua graphics to (primarily scientific) legacy applications written in C, FORTRAN or any other language that can send remote messages.BTW, it would be really cool if someone came up with an adapter for Sketch.app, i.e.make Sketch adopt the protocol AQTProtocol via a DO connection!!!This will increase performance by several orders of magnitudes for large plots.If you still wan't to use Aqua Term as a stand-alone application, check the Adapter Example in the CVS module "adapters".

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