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Mobile devices create the most problems They are best used for reference only.You can set up personal appointments on a mobile device, but propose or accept meeting invitations on your computer.If one update is missed, the copies no longer look identical.Do not directly edit a resource You may have permissions set up so that you can directly edit a resource calendar (meeting room). Instead, invite the resource to the meeting by using the Rooms button.Limit the number of calendars in the My Calendars folder To improve Outlook performance, limit the number of calendars in the My Calendars folder.

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They are not available within the context of viewing a shared calendar.

If you have a shared calendar that is not heavily used, move it to the Other Calendars folder.

Calendar Sharing with Mac OS X You must extend Reviewer permissions to others with whom you want to share your calendar.

When a meeting appears on your calendar and a coworker’s calendar, you might assume that there is a single calendar entry, but this is not the case.

In fact, each person’s calendar has a copy of the meeting.

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