Modern slave dating

There are chores I don't enjoy doing of course, but I get satisfaction from doing them by serving my master faithfully.

In the bedroom there's not really anything we do I don't like, since even before I was his slave I've been really submissive.

I've only done anything with them while he was there, of course, and he very rarely only watches.

The majority of the time is really just both of us slaves pleasing him together, rather than much contact between us, but he has had his male slave have sex with me with him, and I might do oral while my master has sex with either of them.

My master always decides when/if we have sex, but sometimes I hint to him that I need to be taken care of.

He's a very responsible master and I don't often have to hint to him.

I think its completely fair for him to punish me for doing so, as he knows what's best for me and sometimes I really just don't deserve to make the decision if I haven't been a good girl recently.

We really don't have these 'group sessions' very often, and it's actually really rare for me to do anything with the other girl at all. I know my master will always keep his responsibilities he has towards me and I know I'm his biggest responsibility. I guess to start I pretty much always wear a collar, except when I'm visiting friends or family he allows me to take it off.

The evening is usually much more varied, so it's hard to describe a typical evening.

Sometimes we spend it with more play time, other times just relaxing or watching a movie, it really depends on my master's mood.

There hasn't been anything that I didn't want to do that he's commanded me to do, but of course there's things that I would prefer to do (or times when I just feel like doing something else) and he would insist otherwise.

I wouldn't often voice my preference to something else, and when I do I usually get punished a bit.

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