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After going on hiatus for two frustrating weeks (rather than go toe-to-pointe-toe with NBC's prime-time Olympics coverage), "So You Think You Can Dance" finally returned to Fox this Wednesday. The Mia theme, as promising as it may have seemed on paper, on the TV screen ultimately did all 14 contestants a real disservice.

And the remaining 14 dancers faced a truly Olympian challenge: recreating (and, ideally, even topping) the iconic routines of "SYTYCD's" most beloved genius choreographer, Madame Mia Michaels, as originally danced by some of the series' most beloved contestants (like Katee Shean, Twitch Boss, even Travis Wall). With zero element of surprise, and the memories of the original amazing dancers still fresh in viewers' minds (we'd all seen these numbers before, not just during their respective previous seasons, but on an umpteen number of best-of clip specials since), it was near-impossible for this season's crop of hopefuls to "make the dances their own," as they say in reality-land. It was just bad idea." data-reactid="21", actually. The Mia theme, as promising as it may have seemed on paper, on the TV screen ultimately did all 14 contestants a real disservice. But it was a good idea, at least, that this Wednesday's guest judges were the Ballet Boys' Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt, from Nigel Lythgoe's other dance show, "A Chance To Dance": Since the two Englishmen had never seen the original versions of these routines (one of them even amusingly referred to Twitch as "Titch"), they could critique each duo with open minds and fresh eyes.

That's what Nigel might want us to believe, and yes, Cyrus is certainly fantastic in his own "animation" popping style.

With "SYTYCD" deservedly up for a Best Reality Show Emmy next month, maybe it was wise to bring back the show's most Emmy-decorated choreographer and have her redo several of her Emmy-winning routines. We'll have to wait and see what the Emmy voters thought of all this revivalism when the awards are handed out September 23.

But right now, back to the task at hand: Recapping this week's episode..finding out which dancers "SYTYCD" voters thought belonged in Season 9's top 10, after four contestants were cut in one fell swoop at this episode's end.

Nigel was the harshest, uncomfortably grilling the pair for facts on Mia's father to see if they'd done their research (did you know Mia's dad was the original Marlboro Man?

); telling Audrey she'd acted too young to play the part of a grown woman like Mia (I actually thought Audrey's girlish innocence worked with this piece); and warning them, "This is more than just dancing now." So I guess this version of "Flowers" simply wilted." data-reactid="48"This Season 3 classic was one of the most touching routines in "SYTYCD" history, inspired by the death of Mia's dad and depicting a father-daughter reunion in heaven. And I cried a bit while watching Audrey and Matthew recreate it, I must admit.

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