Married lonely dating service

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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

ANd you say you like to rile women's feathers ????????

/ I wager that if it were legal,,,,,,,,,,doing away with you would be self defense on any victim you had,,,,,,,,,,,,and a reason to bring back public hangings !! Being a widow, I have met some that do all the charm, the lies, and are quite clever. It may hurt for a while, but afterward's I thank God He gave me the good sense to dodge the bullet. The OP, Mr Labwalker51 has been on this site since March 2007. it's possible that he has been lonely, unhappy and possibly troubled for some time.

Shallow breathes for a long time..hurt so bad to take a deep breathe. When someone destroys someone they profess to love with all their heart, turns on a dime and despises the ground you now wallow on......where did the love and consideration go? I would not wish heartache on anyone, or anything else bad, for that matter.ceeceekitty To the idiot who said if you had your shit together, you wouldnt be on here.... The only problem is most of us also run into dip shits like you, so thats why we are on here in hopes of not meeting anymore dip shits like but dip shits like you are like a disease that we cant seem to get rid of. MIKEFORCE I have heard some LAME Excuses in my How can you possible fix a marriage by invitng a cheating @SSS like you in wonder why no woman is interested in you.

You only go after women that are vulnerable and been hurt bad..actions are lower than I can imagine.

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Soooo, I guess I would have to be anywhere from 18-40 to talk to you because people my age don't get lonely in their marriage, eh? I don't understand if she's great with the say she has a swinging lifestyle and you will not subject them to that...then you say, "when the divorce comes", the kids will come to you..she there as a babysitter?

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Broken, lost, betrayed and the one thought scrolls through the brain like a ticker at the stock market............ It''s difficult to get a footing .....feels like some horrible nightmare. For me, that's why I would encourage you to talk to your wife. Back to the time, you'd never even think of hurting her, for one second.

My mind was taken over with, the last thing he said and did. Every day from the moment he blew our lives apart were marked by, thoughts of..."this time last night, he loved me and I thought we were OK"....."this time last year, we had a great, romantic, vacation". How sad that the "one" of two would murder the others had no value.

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