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Rye whiskey was the traditional form for people coming from central Europe and rye grew well in the colder environment of the North East.Josh Richholt brought a fascinating example from the end of that period - an 1892 vintage dated bottle of Emerson's Old "5x" Pure Rye Whiskey.But there's a deeper irony here; and it's the big story in New York craft distilling this year: the creation of the Empire Rye designation.

Chuck Schumer actually gave Mitch Mc Connell Kentucky Bourbon in a New York bottle and erroneously crowed about it being Brooklyn whiskey.But Chuck Schumer committed a gaffe today that has the whiskey world slapping its head in frustration and hilarity.Widow Jane is one of those famous examples of a distillery that sources whiskey from a distillery somewhere else (in this case, supremely ironically, Kentucky of all places) and then lied (I'm using the past tense here) about being made locally in Brooklyn.The legal restrictions governing the production of Bourbon only specify the mash bill, strength, and wood of maturation and the United States as the nation of origin: 27 CFR 5.22 - The standards of identity.... That the word “bourbon” shall not be used to describe any whisky or whisky-based distilled spirits not produced in the United States." There is Bourbon made in every State in the Union (except Hawaii and Nebraska - thanks Susannah Skiver Barton! King's County Distillery was the first legal distillery in New York since Prohibition and has been making some really good Bourbon in the Brooklyn Navy Yard for years.Other Brooklyn distilleries making true Bourbon include Van Brundt Stillhouse, and even Widow Jane itself (with their Wapsie Valley, Bloody Butcher and other boutique corn variety bottlings - which I don't recommend btw).

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