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IX Reach is thrilled to have recently signed its 50th global remote peering partner agreement.Peering is beneficial for three key reasons: it lessens the need for IP transit significantly reducing network costs, it increases redundancy and it improves network resiliency providing a better end user experience.IX Reach has upgraded its peering fabric one step further by offering it remotely; a network needn't be in the same location as an IXP - it just needs access and interconnectivity to the IX Reach network.Story and images by VC Daily There will come a day when attending a video conference with a pen in your hand is going to mark you out as a time-waster.Story and images by Mashable Holograms aren't just for Tupac or Princess Leia anymore.That's what Vimeo shares in a new blog post about how it is bringing live streamed "volumetric content" to the masses.Today I wanted to write specifically about Google Chrome, how much I've loved it in the past, and why -- due to Chrome's new user-unfriendly forced login policy -- I won't be using it going forward.A brief history of Chrome When Google launched Chrome ten years ago, it seemed like one of those rare cases where everyone wins.

IQ is part of the M100 all-in-one tabletop UC and AV solution and the B100 wall-mount smart soundbar.That's because they're no longer exclusively used for video conferences.Now, it's common to create a more efficient workplace and workflow by combining technologies into single, multifaceted devices that act more as central hubs than stand-alone equipment.This was the motivation behind creating Kaptivo, the capture system that attaches to the top of any whiteboard, saves images and then shares content in realtime via livestreaming through a web browser or video conference integration.Whether the product is being used in a classroom, huddle room or office, the Kaptivo team is hoping to help turn the whiteboard into a powerful collaboration tool.

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