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Disabling session tracking requires explicitly turning it off by setting the page directive session attribute to false as follows − The JSP engine exposes the Http Session object to the JSP author through the implicit session object.

Since session object is already provided to the JSP programmer, the programmer can immediately begin storing and retrieving data from the object without any initialization or get Session().

You can append some extra data at the end of each URL.

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Data isn’t shared between different session objects (client can access data from its session only).Here is a summary of important methods available through the session object − This example describes how to use the Http Session object to find out the creation time and the last-accessed time for a session.We would associate a new session with the request if one does not already exist.The timeout is expressed as minutes, and overrides the default timeout which is 30 minutes in Tomcat.The get Max Inactive Interval( ) method in a servlet returns the timeout period for that session in seconds.

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