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The single, released on Blondie's label Chrysalis Records in February 1980, was a number one hit in the U. K., and a top ten hit in most other parts of the world. American Gigolo was one of two soundtrack albums to be written and produced by Moroder in 1980, the other being Foxes, which included Donna Summer's hit single "On the Radio" as well as tracks by Janis Ian and Cher.

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The music was composed and performed by Giorgio Moroder and was released worldwide on the Polydor label. The band also recorded a Spanish-language version of "Call Me," entitled "Llamame," released both in the U. The song "Love and Passion" was written by director Paul Schrader and Moroder and was performed by Cheryl Barnes, and can be heard in the movie in the gay nightclub scene (filmed at Los Angeles gay club The Probe, which opened in 1978) where Gere's character Julian goes to find Leon, his pimp.

"Call Me" by Blondie is the lead song for the soundtrack and was played during the film's intro. Billboard charts for six weeks and named Billboard's No. The Giorgio Moroder instrumental "The Seduction (Love Theme)" was also recorded by German bandleader James Last as a saxophone tune featuring David Sanborn (uncredited).

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