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Escort services, where the customer calls to have a woman meet him at home or at a hotel for sexual services, exist in Germany as well, but are not nearly as prevalent as in the US.If you want an escort, then average cost is 150-300€ an hour in Düsseldorf.Red Light District in Dusseldorf is a small area located on a street called Hinter dem Bahndamm.The place consists of a big five-storey building with each window numbered.There are about 70-80 windows in all, and all types of women, black, German, Thai etc.The average cost is 30-50€ for a quick sex session and anal sex for an extra cost usually 20-40€ more.

Authorities consider the common exploitation of women from Eastern Europe to be the main problem associated with the occupation.

It is near the main station and there are many whore houses.

In Rethelstraße 75 & 77 there are also whore houses.

Prostitution in Germany is legal, and so are brothels.

In 2002, the government changed the law in an effort to improve the legal situation of prostitutes.

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