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The Upper Rio Grande and South Texas Border regions had less than 15 percent turnover.

"That tends to be a more stable workforce along the border," Clark said.

Lured by better wages For officers on the job, high turnover can raise safety concerns when many of the employees are new.

Thats one of the highest officer vacancy rates in the state.

Now, the southeast region of the state which is far from the currently most active oil and gas fields is experiencing rising officer turnover rates close to 37 percent, the highest in Texas.

TDCJ facilities in Jefferson and Liberty counties saw turnover rates of 36 and 31 percent, respectively, according to data from the Texas State Auditor's Office, which is broken down by region and county but not by facility.

"From 2012 to 2014, [turnover] was becoming pretty acute and especially where fracking was kind of big," said Scott Henson, policy director with the nonprofit Just Liberty.

Then, "it was more than just a vague correlation." Five years ago, the Mc Connell and Connally units both in counties that lie partially on the Eagle Ford Shale had just over 40 percent vacancy, according to Business & Finance Division data.

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