Dating comic book fans

She's already in the eye of geekdom, but it turns out she's also one of them.

The truth is that Fox is actually a comic book fan from way back. The fact that she's not just a fan of the standard Marvel and DC heroes is impressive.

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She's also earned her geek love with roles in , Sin City and her role as Nurse Claire Temple in Marvel's Netflix series.

On top of all that, she's also revealed she's a major geek behind the scenes.

She's said in multiple interviews that her ex-husband Les Wiseman and daughter are big comic book fans and she goes shopping for them often. before starring in her own show in 2015's Blindspot.

To share an interest with them, she started reading them as well, which has introduced her to the art form. Along the way, she was (of course) asked if she read comic books, and she revealed during interviews that she is a comic book fan.

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