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Carly leaned over and spoke quietly to the woman beside her, Brittany Haworth, a willowy brunette who had been her best friend in high school. I remember him going through the line to pay his respects, but I was hurting so much I barely paid attention. Joe had shown him a photo of her playing volleyball on the beach so he knew what she looked like in a bikini, knew she had a dynamite figure.

As if it had been just days instead of years, their friendship had resumed the day Carly had returned to Iron Springs."The man across from us ..." Carly said. She didn't seem concerned with her appearance the way he'd expected.

And yet as he had watched her with Miguel's family, as he read her sorrow, the depth of her concern, he had been surprisingly moved.

She felt responsible in some way for her employee's death.

But Linc’s money can’t protect Carly from the men who’ll do anything to shut her down, or the secrets behind Drake Trucking. Sixteen million copies are in print and she has been published in twenty-one foreign countries, including Japan, France, Argentina, Greece, China, and Spain. CHAPTER 1Iron Springs, Texas For the second time since her return to Iron Springs, Carly Drake stood in a graveyard. He left to make his fortune, came back a few years ago megarich. You'll have to Google him sometime.""I still don't understand why he was at Joe's funeral, or why he's here today.""For one thing, he was one of Joe's competitors.

If she won’t sell out, the only way to keep her safe is to keep her close . Her books have been nominated for the prestigious RITA award and won both the Lifetime Achievement and Reviewer’s Choice Awards from RT Book Reviews. Martin, spend their winters in Ventura, California. On the opposite side of the coffin, between rows of granite headstones, the Hernandez family huddled together, a wife weeping for her husband, children crying for their father. Texas American Transportation is one of the biggest trucking companies in the world."She nodded. I know that, but —""Cain credits Joe Drake as one of the people who put him on the path to success. of Texas in Austin ten years ago, which her grandfather had paid for, then a job in Houston as a flight attendant.

”—Linda Lael Miller New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin raises chills as danger stalks a woman determined to make it in a man’s world . Now she’s burying Drake Trucking’s top driver, and the cops have no leads on the hijacking or murder.

DRAKE TRUCKING gleamed in dark blue letters on the doors, along with the logo of a stylized male duck in flight — a drake."Thanks for the ride." Britt cracked open her door."Thanks for going with me.""Miguel was a really nice guy. A piece of equipment, no matter how valuable, wasn't worth his life.

He thought she'd be more aloof, more self-absorbed.

He hadn't expected her to be grieving her grandfather so deeply. Not the young woman who had accepted so much and returned so little.

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