A visual language for querying and updating graphs

QGRAPH has a clean formal semantics which we describe in detail.We show that QGRAPH has expressive power corresponding to a well-defined subset of FO(COUNT), i.e., first-order logic with counting quantifiers.Since delivering Visual Basic 8.0 in VS 2005, the VB team has been working on the next generation language extensions and enhancements – Visual Basic 9.0.

We tend to have small teams working on hard problems and trying to drive high-value outcomes. And then, of course, a lot of capability around all the common BI tools.

I think it is the most exciting, transformative technology that’s come around since the advent of SQL. We have the ability to help organizations around the world be successful with those technologies and solve real business problems.

I firmly believe that within 10 years, probably 50% of the SQL workloads will be all running on graphs. And we offer a number of different services, just like any other consulting firm.

creating, updating, and querying relational databases, XML documents, and object graphs. Please note that this is an additive release to the one that came out in the PDC05 timeframe.

It expands on support editor and language support for XML integration, provides Intellisense support for the query syntax, and enables DLinq which allows you to query over relational stores such as SQL Server.

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